Pioneer Cinema was founded with the mission to make entertaining movies that positively affect people’s lives, lifting their outlook, and helping change their perspectives. The explosive growth of technology is driving profound changes in every aspect of human civilization. Pioneer Cinema Institute looks ahead of the curve to produce theme driven stories that explore the worldview changes corresponding to technology advancement, globalization, holistic health issues, a deeper meaning of life, and going beyond conventional parameters with emerging creative human capabilities.


In 2010, we made the documentaries Faces of the Future and A Khmer Girl, which premiered at Busan and Vietnam International Film festivals, and were used to help spread an innovative teaching program in Cambodia to equip youths with tools for self-understanding and develop purpose-driven goals in life. In 2012, we made the inspiring documentary, Still I Strive, that was screened at Busan International Film Festival. It was highly rated by top critics by Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Village Voice, and New York Times. The film also received heartwarming and enthusiastic responses from the audiences where screened.